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IOTA Pay per Use on Hannover Fair

Summary of the Hannover fair experience by topocare The “pay per use” or “pay on production” PoC realizes a machine payment for every production step undertaken. The IOTA token are transferred directly when a production step is reached.…

Installing IRI

Installing IRI with APT This article is a tutorial for installing IOTA’s IRI (Initial Reference Implementation) from the Tangled IT repository. It will involve all steps to get started and have a fully synced node.This tutorial is not…

Monitoring IRI with IRI-mon

IRI-mon is a command line tool for checking IRI’s status. It checks if it’s running, synced and if the your neighbors are active. It is written in the Crystal language and is compiled against LLVM, which means no extra dependencies are…

Physical asset exchange with IOTA

DLTs (Distributed Ledger Technology) is the latest evolution of the public register to designate the ownership of properties and assets since the Middle Ages. While most of the public register record only the variation of the asset’s…

Private blockchains vs. public blockchains

First of all, I would like to point out that the word “blockchain” refers to the data structure that can store the information that in a monetary exchange system are called “ transactions”. This is why the blockchain has become synonymous…

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