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IOTA Leadership Transitions

New Appointments for Supervisory Board and Board of DirectorsTL;DR: Dr. Navin Ramachandran joins the IOTA Supervisory Board, Dr. Anja Raden, Jan Misselwitz and Luca Moser join the Board of Directors, and Dr. Christoph Strnadl heads the

Q3 2023 Progress Report

The previous quarter saw major developments at the IOTA Foundation, with the launch of ShimmerEVM at the end of September drawing on the Shimmer, Firefly Wallet, and Developer Experience and teams. Another milestone: the introduction to…

Q2 2023 Progress Report

TL;DR: Our latest quarterly review summarizes the most recent advancements in the IOTA ecosystem. This quarter saw Shimmer developments including the successful launch of the ShimmerEVM Testnet, the Treasures of Shimmer Testnet

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