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IOTA is a revolutionary new transaction settlement and data transfer layer for the Internet of Things (IoT). It is based on a new distributed ledger technology, the Tangle, which overcomes the inefficiencies of current Blockchain designs and introduces a new way of reaching consensus in a decentralized peer-to-peer system. Using IOTA, for the first time ever, people and machines can transfer money and/or data without any transaction fees in a trustless, permissionless, and decentralized environment. This means that even nano-payments are possible without the need for a trusted intermediary of any kind.

IOTA is the missing puzzle piece for the Machine Economy to fully emerge and reach its true potential. IOTA is envisaged to be the public and permissionless backbone protocol for the IoT that enables true interoperability between all devices.

Updates to Spaces and Proposals

Updates to Space and Proposal Management The Soonaverse platform’s key target is to be IOTA and Shimmer native and continue to decentralize components as new protocol features become available. There are numerous steps we still have to…

ShimmerSea’s NFT Marketplace

We built a home for Lumis and friends!Even though Lumis are adventurers and will probably be found in many ecosystems in the future, they are still deeply rooted into their beloved ShimmerSea where they have found many Lumi Friends through…

Why we build.

The crypto market is shaking from the enormous failures of centralized solutions such as Celsius, Three Arrows Capital, Alameda and last but not least FTX. Each of these organizations miss-managed user funds and wiped out billions worth of…

Shimmer Governance in Action

Your Turn to Contribute to Three New Shimmer Governance ProposalsTL;DR: Three important Shimmer Governance proposals need the participation of the Shimmer community. The following proposals are up for debate and ask for your opinion: 1)

Building out of the IOTA Bubble

How the Soonaverse L1/L2 strategy will transform cryptoYou may have heard us talk about L1 development from time to time. But what exactly does that mean? When we refer to the L1, we’re talking about building technology directly on the…

Crypto Finance Group x Shimmer

First Regulated Custody and Brokerage Provider for SMR TL;DR: Crypto Finance Group is the first prudentially regulated custody and brokerage provider supporting SMR, the native token of the Shimmer network. Following the successful

Touchpoint Welcomes AuditOne

Making Web3 Audits More Efficient For EveryoneIn the wild west of Web3, performing audits on projects is invaluable: professional auditors perform a range of checks to evaluate projects, from studying the technical details behind the smart…

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