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Fireside Chat with Dominik Schiener

The discussion covered topics from the current status of Tangle and Qubic development to how IOTA differs from other cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. The talk finished with a Q&A session involving the audience. Much of…

Trinity Desktop 0.3.4 released

Changelog 0.3.4 New: Drag&drop seed text support Update: Trigger 2fa verification once necessary code string length is reached Update: Seed in memory format update Update: Adjusted auto promotion timing…

The Industrial IOTA Lab Aachen

Real world adoption of the Tangle technology is happening at an increasing speed as IOTA works its way into industrial and academic circles. The Industrial IOTA Lab Aachen (IILA) at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Product Engineering…

Smart Contracts and IOTA

The topic of smart contracts is a very important one for future business processes of IOTA. Some readers might already have heard of so called Smart Contracts, for others this term is completely new and again others are experts in this…

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