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Coming Soon: IRI 1.5.2

IRI 1.5.2 will include a couple of important bug fixes that will alleviate the long confirmation time and node responsiveness issues we have seen in recent weeks on mainnet. Announcement: We have setup a new official Twitter account for…

Volkswagen and IOTA Build the Future

Volkswagen is one of the world’s largest automakers, and a primary focus of IOTA is on the mobility sector. Let’s pull back the curtain on just how much of an impact a collaboration between the two might have. Fact Box: – 10.7 million…

IOTA Summer Summit 2018

In the serene surroundings of Norway’s Oslofjord the IOTA Foundation had its first official summit. IOTA SumSum Summary 2018 IOTA is well known for both doing things differently and pushing the boundaries from a technological perspective,…

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