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Configure your node for Trinity

This is a step-by-step guide on how to make your node more secure by using the HTTPs protocol instead of the standard HTTP for your node. Why would you want to do this? When you are making a transaction using a light-wallet on your…

Smart cars and data as the fuel of the future

Johann Jungwirth of Volkswagen sees a future where your car knows you, caters to you and works for you – even when you’re not driving it.Very soon, the roadways will be populated with self-driving cars. Along with a myriad of…

IOTA: Prepared for the IoT world

The  IOTA is cryptocurrency better positioned to ride the wave of the IoT is already a reality in Brazil and worldwide. With competing blockchain technology, this cryptomaniac has instant transactions and no cost. With the launch of Qubic…

Blockchain – the next big digital thing

Blockchain technology is seen as a game changer for the global economy. The topic is also present in many places at the CEBIT: from a CEBIT Blockchain Summit to the presentations at the exhibitor stands.In the business area, Blockchain…

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