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SOON Token Rewards on the ShimmerEVM

With the upcoming deployment of the ShimmerEVM, it’s time to get excited about all the new possibilities that will be enabled by L2 smart contracts. The largest event that will occur on the ShimmerEVM shortly after launch is the SOON token…

Soonaverse and the ShimmerEVM

The ShimmerEVM testnet is now live and being actively battle tested, which means the launch of the new ShimmerEVM chain is near. We will be leveraging this new EVM chain to partner with already existing decentralized applications (dApps) to…

Our April 2023 Dev Update

What’s new in the Soonaverse?While things may seem a little quiet in the Soonaverse there has been a tremendous amount of re-architecting happening in the background of our current operations. This BUIDLing has been our top priority and…

Our First DEV UPDATE of 2023!

If you know the Soonaverse, then you know that our approach to development, is success and learning through non-stop improvements to our platform. Its what we’ve always done and what will always try to do, to realize the potential of the…

Dev Update — Staking is LIVE!

Dev Update — Staking is LIVE!It’s time for another development update, and this one is EXCITING! We finally get to introduce a new staking feature that utilizes the Shimmer L1 and its time lock condition. Holders of $SOON will now be able…

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