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Our First DEV UPDATE of 2023!

If you know the Soonaverse, then you know that our approach to development, is success and learning through non-stop improvements to our platform. Its what we’ve always done and what will always try to do, to realize the potential of the…

Dev Update — Staking is LIVE!

Dev Update — Staking is LIVE!It’s time for another development update, and this one is EXCITING! We finally get to introduce a new staking feature that utilizes the Shimmer L1 and its time lock condition. Holders of $SOON will now be able…

Updates to Spaces and Proposals

Updates to Space and Proposal Management The Soonaverse platform’s key target is to be IOTA and Shimmer native and continue to decentralize components as new protocol features become available. There are numerous steps we still have to…

Building out of the IOTA Bubble

How the Soonaverse L1/L2 strategy will transform cryptoYou may have heard us talk about L1 development from time to time. But what exactly does that mean? When we refer to the L1, we’re talking about building technology directly on the…

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