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Q1 2024 Progress Report

The IOTA Foundation’s Dynamic Start to the YearThe IOTA Foundation started the year with significant advancements across its many projects and initiatives, from core protocol enhancements and smart contracts to developer experience and…

Q4 2023 Progress Report

Latest Developments by the IOTA Foundation, Community and EcosystemThe last quarter of 2023 was a busy one for the IOTA Foundation and the IOTA and Shimmer ecosystems, with major advancements such as the IOTA 2.0 introduction campaign, the…

Q3 2023 Progress Report

The previous quarter saw major developments at the IOTA Foundation, with the launch of ShimmerEVM at the end of September drawing on the Shimmer, Firefly Wallet, and Developer Experience and teams. Another milestone: the introduction to…

Progress Report Q1 2023

Latest Developments Across IOTA and ShimmerWelcome to the first in a new series of quarterly Progress Reports, which attempts to give an overview of all the many developments across the IOTA, Shimmer, and Assembly ecosystem. From a new…

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