The RRCC Vision

The Rusty Robot Country Club is all about establishing an inclusive, creative culture and building a community that grows alongside independent artists around the world.

With the launch of the new web platform and the upcoming $RUST token launch we are delivering on our vision is to build the biggest creator focused web 3.0 platform for music and comics, ever. An environment that centers on the RRCC community who can benefit from the success of artists, comic book writers, and other creators through an intimate platform that connects them direct.


The importance of all of this is that these systems will all be powered by $RUST. With $RUST not only being bought back and shared as rewards, but also as an entry point to buy into new releases and opportunities through the creator space.

Working with the likes of ShimmerSea and Hedgey, we are ensuring token security and distribution is at its best as $RUST will not only power the creator space, but the entire RRCC ecosystem. No interaction within the ecosystem will be possible without $RUST token, making it the gateway to everything. And, short of buying it on the secondary market, the only way you can get hold of $RUST is by holding an RRCC NFT — making RRCC NFTs the key to it all.

Creator Space

The long term vision will eventually culminate in the launch of the RRCC Creator Space which will allow artists to launch new releases and for the community to choose and support those releases in return getting rewards from royalty rights, exclusive collectibles, experiences, merch, and more.

Artists will release music and comic projects, sales, experiences, and other things through the platform with the community able to support them with $RUST buy-ins, and receive the benefits in return.

Royalty Rewards

Royalties are paid to any artist that releases music when it is played, sold, or distributed. At the RRCC we have created a unique system where RRCC NFT holders can gain access to rights to release royalties and be rewarded over time as the releases generate royalty revenue. As more releases go live, more royalty opportunities are presented.

Working with companies such as Royalty Exchange, the RRCC will also invest in royalties from mainstream artists over time. This will allow the ecosystem to flourish and the community to benefit from revenue streams outside of web 3.0

Rusty Robot Records

The launchpad for music releases through the RRCC the record label branch of the project will work towards releasing exclusive music across multiple genres from in-house and independent artists. Each release will offer NFT holders exclusive royalty rights rewards and build up a long term sustainable ecosystem for music releases in web 3.0 all delivered via our unique music experiences.

Working with the likes of TuneCore and other leading publishing and marketing companies, Rusty Robot Records will be entering the full music industry space, from Spotify and iTunes streams, to movie and tv sync, to radio and DJ plays, each release will get exposed to the right people, helping the community to promote and gain more rewards in time.

The RRCC are working across many genres whether its pop-punk, EDM, J-Metal, Trap, Pop, or Viking Folk Music, no genre is left untouched, and with production handled by in house team members, Grammy nominated producers, or award winning engineers at Abbey Road, London, there will be an RRCC release for everyone.

Rusty Robot Comics

A launchpad for RRCC comic series and collectibles, the comic branch of the project focuses on web 3.0 and real world experiences. Working with leading comic manufacturers and distributors, we merge the web 3.0 collectible experience with real world releases.

The RRCC exclusive comic collectibles will be issued in booster packs of ERC-1155 tokens. Issue one being airdropped to OG NFT holders and strictly limited to just 1011 copies. Each subsequent release will be published and accessible with $RUST — all RRCC web 3.0 collectibles will give the community rewards on sales, redistributing the revenue back to RRCC NFT holders. With exclusive benefits and rewards for those who complete issues and collections all presented through our unique comic experiences.

Comic Experiences

The comic book is a classic collectible and its presence in web 3.0 is not fully established. Working with Cromy we are developing a unique and powerful comic book experience that can elevate the collectible and reader experience through ERC-1155 collections.

The first comic on IOTA was dropped by the RRCC in 2022 and there are comic releases from the RRCC and external independent writers and illustrators lined up with fortnightly releases for the next year once the experience goes live.

Music Experiences

Another leap forward in technology we will be introducing a new way to experience music through web 3.0 collectibles. This will initially be through RRCC artist releases, such as Rusty Rejects and Rusty Vibes, but from the new year will also expand to independent artists and eventually signed artists and record label releases.

The music experience bridges the gap between traditional nostalgic collections like opening a cd case for the first time and more modern intimate experiences such as behind the scenes footage and interviews, exclusive art, collectibles, videos, etc.

Both the comic and music experiences will be 100% powered by $RUST and will both offer holders the opportunity to benefit from incentivised reward systems based on sales and royalty revenue.


On top of the real world focus of the project our roots to web 3.0 run deep. We will also be focusing our efforts on introducing important defi features to the community that can bring more value and utility to the $RUST token. From swaps and auctions, to raffles and staking, we will ensure that the RRCC community, NFT holders and token holders, will get everything they need to create a thriving demand for the $RUST token as we expand.


Establishing such an extensive ecosystem is not an over night experience. The project must grow in time and that is something everyone at the RRCC is committed to and understands. With the release of $RUST token the final piece of the puzzle is there allowing us to start to launch new features and new releases every couple of weeks.

We will start with $RUST staking and NFT access pools that benefit holders. Then we will focus on the community and ensure the foundations are in place to grow along with royalty reward staking, token swaps, and other key features.

Next we will start rolling out new exclusive features such as defi tools, sales launchpads, and the experiences so that we have all the tools live and ready to launch the creator space and start pushing out bigger releases next year with major labels and artists.

Other Stuff

The core ecosystem focus is on creating a circular economy that grows as we extend our features and releases putting NFT holders at the centre of benefiting from everything we release. Future features and releases go way beyond just these core elements and will also include exclusive merch, Phygitals, collectibles, irl exclusive items, and other revenue streams that will also appear over time.

As well as these physical and digital items, the plan to expand the project into real world events is also well established, with the aim to launch a RustyCon even that focuses purely on comics, collectibles, cosplay, and music, that will give the community the opportunity for a real world experience as well.

The rusty vibes are what we are about. We create, we deliver, we grow, and we do it well. There is no promise of lambos. There is no promise of moon. What we can promise though is a chilled out community that cares about creative arts, music, comics, and each other.

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