Trinity Desktop 1.3.0 Release

We have just published a release candidate for Trinity Desktop 1.3.0. This build contains a Spent Address Recovery tool.

Why do we need a Spent Address Recovery tool?

IOTA‘s one time signatures mean that it is unsafe to spend from an address more than once. So if tokens arrive on a spent address, spending them would put them at risk. While Trinity prevents sending funds to and from an address that has already been spent from, other clients and exchanges may not have these same checks. The tool added with this version of Trinity allows users to unlock funds from spent addresses by a process we call “bundle hash mining”. This improves the security of the bundle and reduces the chance of the funds being stolen.

Please note: This is a release candidate build and should only be used with test seeds with small amounts of tokens. It will install a separate version of Trinity and not overwrite your main application.

If you would like to help testing the Spent Address Recovery tool, you will first need to prepare a test seed with tokens on a spent address. Please share the bundle hash of the recovery bundle with the devs so we can verify its security.

-   New: Spent address recovery tool (#2226)
-   Fix: Ensure correct currency symbols are used for MoonPay warnings (#2347)
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