Welcome Mark Schmidt to the IOTA Foundation

Mark Schmidt is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and entrepreneur. He studied Business Administration at the University of Hamburg and founded several startups — ranging from on demand parceling services, affiliate websites, to developing mobile applications. While still in his teens, he managed professional e-sports teams, such as Trademark Gamers and ASUS. Ever since, Mark has given breath to new projects and startups. Currently, Mark is located in Hamburg, Germany.

On joining IOTA

I have been closely following the cryptocurrency space since 2011, and in all that time, the only project to ever given me goosebumps was IOTA, both for its technological promise and its vision of the future. I am incredibly honored and excited to be joining the IOTA Foundation. It is my sincere hope and goal to help in my capacity as the Community Manager to make IOTA’s vision become a reality.

Mark’s background in management makes him a great asset to the IOTA Foundation as we expand our interaction and engagement with the broader ecosystem, which is an essential element of IOTA’s success. The community manager role is designed to help facilitate ecosystem efforts on both the development and community sides. Mark will ensure that community questions and concerns are being adequately met and serve as a contact point for individuals who are active in their localities. Please give him a warm welcome!

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