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Buildcore is the culmination of nearly 3 years of development by the team that brought you the Soonaverse, BUILD.5, and the “first” of many community based products on IOTA and Shimmer. We are proud to announce our next venture as we contribute to the collective mission of our industry to bring the next billion users on-chain.

Buildcore Team and Advisory Board

Our founders, contributors, and advisory board are made up of builders from the IOTA ecosystem, combined with professionals from some of the most recognized companies in the world.

Founders: Adam Kundrat, Buildcore; Andrew Worden, Buildcore; Bolidizar Mezei, Buildcore; Michael Isaia, Cisco; Song Choi, Buildcore

Contributing Members: Daverl, Soonaverse; Florian Broggi, Magic Meme Money; Dr. Electron; AlecM

Advisory Board: Guido Gerber, Accenture; Jan Nicolas Myklebust, Red Hat; Mat Yarger, Demia

We have channeled our collective learnings into an operating thesis that evolved into the different product visions you see today. Our goal is to realize the fullest potential of trust based technologies and its benefits for retail, businesses, and enterprises. To achieve this we will be making some important changes that we would like to share with you today:

Leaving BUILD.5

Effective immediately, we have resigned from our roles with BUILD.5. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to the Spyce5 team for the collaboration over the last year. As part of our agreement with the association, Buildcore will retain ownership of the current BUILD.5 platform code base, enterprise agreements, and thought leadership developed by the Buildcore team members.

The primary reason for this departure is to streamline operations, increase operational efficiencies and to expand our reach into larger open source organizations, per recommendations from our enterprise partners. We will provide more information on these developments at a later date.

The Trust Era Platform

The enterprise platform developed by Buildcore will be rebranded as the Trust Era. We have been making progress in developing use cases with specifications from our partners. This includes our current direction of building unique use cases using the IOTA L1, as well our expansion into the Cardano, Demia, Hedera, and Base ecosystems. Our focus on trust based technologies and acting as a back bone for trusted AI and other products has positioned the platform for greater reach and impact in the coming months.

The $SOON token and the Soonaverse

We will continue to support the vision of the Soonaverse through our collaboration with the SOON COMMITTEE and our Community Task Force. As new features deploy on the Trust Era platform, we will continue to seek to integrate them into the Soonaverse through our new community devs. Our dedication to this community can be seen in our choices around the $BUILD token in the next section, which will make $SOON our only IOTA L1 token.

$BUILD Token

To best serve the interest of our community we will be separating the work of creating an enterprise platform and the $BUILD token. We’ve made these decisions to serve the greater agenda of promoting our core values and celebrating building by innovators and engaging a diverse set of voices dedicated to bringing the dream of decentralization to the mainstream. With this in mind we will be instituting the following changes:

  1. The $BUILD token will be issued as an ERC20.
  2. We will be launching on Base, Coinbase’s ETH L2.
  3. 50% of all $BUILD tokens will be airdropped to SOON holders and 50% will go to liquidity mining.
  4. Farcaster / Warpcast, the explosive social media protocol and its client will be the new home of the BUILD community.

The most common demand in the IOTA and SOON community has always been the need for “more marketing”. These collective changes will place us ahead of the market and can potentially 100x the size of our community by putting us at the intersection of some of the fast growing trends in web3 community development today.

A detailed explanation of the new $BUILD token, and our expansion to BASE, Farcaster, and Warpcast will be provided in a separate article.


As the entire digital asset market experiences transformational changes due to the proliferation of L2’s; a tsunami of new products in the broader market; Bitcoin ETFs; adoption by traditional finance and enterprises; plus the recent Cancun update which addresses some of the most profound limitations of the technology around scaling and fees; we believe the market as a whole has fundamentally changed.

Rather than becoming even more insular and taking a “winner take all” attitude around any one protocol, we have chosen the path of “all of us can win”. ETH is the standard for community engagement, governance, and bridge building, hence the adoption of EVM across the industry including in the IOTA/SMR ecosystems. Our decision to create a foundation for BUILD natively in that standard was an easy one, especially since once a true fully functioning bridge between IOTA and ETH is developed we can be the first to implement it given our knowledge of both protocols.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new development. Please visit buildcore.io for more information and look out for the next article which will delve deeply into our plans on Base, Farcaster, and Warpcaster.

Thank you! Now, LET’S GO!

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