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IOTA Stardust Upgrade

Timeline and Further InformationTL;DR: The Stardust protocol upgrade on the IOTA network is happening on Wednesday, October 4th at 8AM CEST, introducing the tokenization framework and with it the ability to anchor L2 smart contract

IOTA Identity is Coming to Layer 1

Explore IOTA Identity on Shimmer NowTL;DR: The upcoming Stardust upgrade of IOTA enables IOTA Identity to come to Layer 1 of the network. The new implementation marks a major upgrade over the previous data method as it enables

IOTA Smart Contracts Release 0.3.0

Stardust Ready, Extended EVM, and Much MoreTL;DR: With this release of IOTA Smart Contracts the framework is now compatible with the Shimmer network. Once the IOTA mainnet is upgraded to Stardust, it will also be compatible with IOTA.

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