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Introducing Ict 0.6 and Bridge.ixi

Today we have released version 0.6.0 of Ict. The major features are:+ implement EEE (Environment Entity Effect) infrastructure to enable inter-ixi communication + translate gossip listeners and gossip preprocessors to EEE to simplify…

Why IOTA is a superior technology

There are currently a number of very promising projects that focus on IOTA and the Tangle. Many of these projects are combined in the Tangle Universe. I would like to introduce you to four of these projects in more detail. The projects…

Tangle Pathway

A space-efficient sub-graph description of IOTA’s tangle. How best to describe what I am trying to by quoting the problem statement from Serguei Popov? From the #tangle-math discord channel on 20–11–2018: Serguei Popov 11/20/2018: "Let…

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