TWO – IoT waste management with IOTA

Taipei city government has officially approved a proof of concept (POC) to be integrated into the first three floors of the Taipei city hall building. Effective immediately, TWO IOT will install IoT sensors that will measure the fill levels of their waste bins in real time. These IoT sensors will use the Tangle network to store the data collected by the sensors to a secure and tamperproof ledger. Biilabs inc. will provide the blockchain engineering services and enable TWO IOT to use IOTA and show the world, that real world applications using IoT & Tangle are very much possible.

This POC holds great importance in the future of our company. A smart city centered government has approved the implementation of both IOT and blockchain technology. It will test and adopt its capabilities for future urban planning and innovation. The government has voiced plans for full building integrations in Taipei and will hold a future RFP to accomplish this task. TWO IOT will use this POC to build a stronger relationship with Taipei City Government and also better its product offering. TWO IOT aims to be at the forefront of IOT & Blockchain Waste Management and will compete in the tenders released.

Using IOTA’s Tangle Technology, TWO IOT will also publicize the positive effects it has and its abilities to change the world. For 2018, it has been voiced that IOTA would like its capabilities to be implemented into real world applications. TWO IOT will accomplish this mission for it by using its technology in this POC.


Waste management is a growing problem for companies and cities all around the world. Costing millions of dollars to collect, manage and remove. It’s time to use IoT and blockchain technology to bring waste management into the 21st century.

TWO is an IoT hardware device that measures real-time fill levels of waste bins. Two substantially lowers costs and resources used in the waste management process through IoT and Blockchain autonomy.

TWO’s solution is both cost effective and easily integrated. Two can optimize waste management in large buildings like airports and can also be scaled to smart city level deployments.

TWO utilizes the power of IOTA’s Tangle. It enables TWO to have a new blockless distributed ledger that is scalable and lightweight.


The blockchain gives us security, transparency and a large amount of smart contract capabilities for future builds. IOTA’s Tangle network will prove to be the best solution for our products scalability in larger deployments.





“Previously a staggering 1,200 bins were changed each day and that number is now reduced to just 93 changes per day as a direct result of the new bin technology.”

– Dublin Airport Smart Bin Integration.

Send a truck to come pick up your trash only when necessary. Using Tangles block-less distributed ledger.

Increase your recycling rates and understand where your waste comes from and why.

Reduce labour costs, lower your waste output and optimize unnecessary expenditures.

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