AION: Update

Last few months I have been very busy with bringing AION to the next level, the level on which it can actually be used and becomes a product. So far the progress is steady but still away from fully finished. As always with new projects…

Geo sharding a DAG

For true horizontal scalability.Not surprisingly is this article about sharding a DAG, specifically a DAG in the distributed setting of DLT’s and blockchains. To add to the disclaimer is that this article focusses on the sharding the…

AION: Timewarps

A simple concept that got complicatedThis article is, not surprisingly, about timewarps! Part of what is explained is already implemented and some parts of it are still work in progress. This article serves to document my ideas and…

AION: Milestone 1

An IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund update!This is a short blog showing progress on the AION project as a selective permanode solution for IOTA, read more about the AION project here.Because most of the rough research was already…

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