DEX vs. CEX Part 1

Centralized Exchanges: Pros and ConsTL;DR: As the world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve, so does the way in which people buy and sell these digital assets. Two popular methods for trading crypto are centralized exchanges and

DEX vs. CEX Part 2

Decentralized Exchanges: Pros and ConsTL;DR: Welcome back to the world of crypto exchanges, where the battle between centralization and decentralization rages on! In part one, we explored the inner workings of centralized exchanges and

DEX vs. CEX Part 3

Mastering Decentralized ExchangesTL;DR: In this final part of our comparison of centralized and decentralized exchanges, we’re looking more closely at DEX, specifically impermanent loss, miner extractable value (MEV), and

Shimmer Partners With Multichain

Enabling Cross-Chain Interoperability Between Shimmer, IOTA, and the WorldTL;DR: Shimmer partners with Multichain, a cross-chain router protocol for seamless interoperability between IOTA and Shimmer. This enables Shimmer and IOTA

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