Autonomous Drone Delivery and Charging System — powered by the IOTA Industry Marketplace

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Autonomous Drone Delivery and Charging System — powered by the IOTA Industry Marketplace

A future goal of the Open Marketplace is to provide information about charging stations for autonomous vehicles like drones for free. They just need to pay for the service.

It still sounds a bit like science fiction, but the development of drones and flight taxis has long been underway. Drones should soon become part of everyday life when it comes to transportation. But there is still a lot to do.

Packages come with the drone, medicines are transported by air — and the flight taxi hovers over the traffic jam: That could soon be a reality. In any case, Governments have high hopes for “unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)” as new modes of transport. With an action plan, she wants to drive development for everyday use.

These are ambitious goals: the German government wants to get regular use of the “UAS”, the unmanned aerial vehicle systems — better known as drones — as soon as possible from the trial run. Germany should become the leading international market, the field should not be left to the competition from Asia. The federal government wants to establish high-security standards, personal data and privacy should be protected.

A simulated world as a showcase scenario

Our goal is to simulate the whole process of an autonomous drone. Delivering packages, charge the batteries, and maintenance inspections. We use software — which can be used in the real world and use this in a simulated world tho showcase it to governments and people.

The idea is to add drones, charging stations, and energy providers in a virtual world — and these machines interact with each other.

In this research use case, we want to get information like how many charging stations does a city need and optimize drone communication and optimizing route planning.

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The full article was originally published by Huhn on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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