Chronicle: Our Full Permanode Framework for Decentralized Storage On The IOTA Network

The full article was originally published by Jake Cahill on Medium. Read the full article here.

Last year, the IOTA Foundation released an official permanode solution for storing all IOTA transactions, forever.

Throughout this time, we have been gathering your feedback and using it to build an improved version with exciting new features. We’re excited to announce that, as of today, our Permanode solution is now in Alpha and ported over to Rust.

Why we built Chronicle

Nodes in an IOTA network are free to remove old transactions whenever they like. While this freedom is good for node owners, it can present a problem for regular users who need to query the Tangle for historic transactions.

For example, consider the case of a transaction that contains a decentralized identity (DID) document. A user shares this DID with a government to request a driving license. However, when the government looks for the DID on the Tangle, it may no longer be available and the request may be denied.

Chronicle allows anyone to store all transactions off the Tangle in a separate distributed database, making them available for however long they are needed.

Now, with this new release, corporate partners can use a more stable version of our decentralized storage framework Chronicle. We anticipate that more industrial use cases can be built on the tangle as a result of this release.

What’s new

This version of Chronicle comes with the following new developments.


We have ported Chronicle from the Erlang programming language to Rust for:

  • Interoperability with future IOTA projects such as Bee
  • A more secure programming environment

Ease of use

Chronicle comes with a CLI application that allows you to spin up a permanode in a matter of minutes.


For more advanced users, you can also build your own solutions with the framework to customize:

  • How long to keep transactions
  • What storage solution to use
  • What type of data to store

What’s to come

With the groundwork laid out with our full complete release, we will be focussing on extending Chronicle in future releases to include:

  • A web dashboard for managing Chronicle
  • A way for Chronicle to solidify transactions
  • More example applications and documentation for using the framework

For details, see our roadmap.

Get involved

Chronicle is an open-source project and we encourage anyone to contribute to help get it closer to production-readiness:

The full article was originally published by Jake Cahill on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Read the full article here.

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