Create IOTA vouchers with ease

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Help to make IOTA better known. Give away IOTAs with a nice voucher to your friends or family.

We’ve just released our new Service to help IOTA to get better known. This time we have targeted the consumers directly. The adoption of IOTA in the industry is very important and mandatory. But not only the industry and companies should have a look on IOTA. Everyone should know IOTA to push the adoption of this beautiful technology and it’s opportunities.

At the moment only very few people are interested in the technology IOTA. This is to change, however, so that acceptance will also increase in society and politics. To achieve this, conversations, articles and presentations are of course very important. But nothing is as convincing as trying things out for yourself.

For this reason we have written a service to create pretty vouchers in an easy way. You can then print them and give them away. Now you can easily get in touch with the person you want to give the voucher to and talk about IOTA. He is also more or less forced to deal with IOTA and the Trinity Wallet. This should serve as an introduction to the IOTA ecosystem.

You can create such a voucher without an account or registration. You simply have to visit and configure your own personalized voucher. In addition, you have to enter your email address so that the voucher can be sent to you after creation.

The IOTA voucher configurator to create your personal voucher

You will then be shown an IOTA address. To this address you have to send your desired amount in IOTA to charge the voucher. However, you will still have to deduct the small fee. In order to get a well-rounded voucher amount, we will provide you with a calculator where you can simply enter your preferred amount. You will then be shown the amount you need to transfer so that your desired amount remains at the end.

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The full article was originally published by tangleMesh on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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