Fast and eco friendly PoW with Trinity

The full article was originally published by Stefan Künne on Medium. Read the full article here.

The world is talking about global warming. Bitcoin’s enormous energy requirement is bad for the climate.
IOTA needs much less energy, but also needs computing power, among other things, for the PoW, which currently makes up a large part of the energy required.

We, TangleKit, made it to our task to optimize the processes in and around IOTA in order to make it even better, faster and more environmentally friendly.
Through special hardware our service offers faster and more efficient PoW, which avoids wasting energy and thus protects the environment.

With the release of Trinity 1.1.0, can now easily be used for sending transactions within Trinity. This makes the use of Trinity faster and leads to a longer battery life, especially for mobile use.

How can be used with Trinity

First you have to register for a free account on to get your API key.
At sign-up you will get some free TX to test our fast PoW.

After successful registration you can view your API key in the API settings.

  1. Add ``as a custom node in your Trinity settings.
  2. Enable auth and add your API key as username. The password field stays empty.
  3. Enable outsource proof of work and select `` as your PoW node.

This is a step by step guide:

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The full article was originally published by Stefan Künne on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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