Firefly Launches on iOS and Android

Today we mark a special day — the release of the Firefly mobile wallet. Firefly is now available to download on both iOS and Android. Install it directly from the Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

Firefly is an open-source, secure and lightweight wallet for managing tokens within the IOTA universe. With Firefly you can send and receive tokens with zero fees in seconds. A clean, minimalistic UI, seamless usability, and industry-leading security ensures Firefly provides a first-class wallet experience.

Introducing Firefly Mobile

Firefly Mobile transforms Firefly Desktop’s smooth user experience into a mobile environment, abstracting the complexities of cryptocurrency and providing a familiar and intuitive interface for managing your assets. You can create multiple profiles and multiple wallets per profile, giving you complete flexibility over how you divide your stack. With pin entry login and password-secured transactions, your assets are accessible and secure. Dark and light themes allow you to customise your experience. And with translations into over 25 languages, Firefly Mobile is available to a global audience.

Built with a combination of Svelte and Rust within a Capacitor runtime; our technical stack ensures a snappy and performant experience, while making no compromises on beautiful UI and buttery smooth interactions. With Stronghold, security is cemented at the app’s core. Stronghold is a Rust-based secret management library, where sensitive operations take place in isolated memory, while also providing a convenient profile backup feature.

Firefly Mobile supports the creation of new profiles, restoration of existing Firefly Desktop profiles, and migrations from the legacy IOTA Chrysalis network. Less than 10% of the IOTA supply remains to be migrated, and we suspect a small quantity will be accounted for by users that have been waiting to migrate through the mobile wallet.

The Path Ahead

From here Firefly Mobile continues its journey to becoming an on-the-go multi-asset management and payment platform. We are determined to provide one of the very best wallet experiences in the cryptocurrency industry, and we are confident that with every new feature addition our users will be impressed with the simplicity and utility.

The first stage is to implement the upcoming Shimmer upgrade — currently in beta in Firefly Desktop — within a mobile setting. Accordingly, work will begin on adding Shimmer Reward Claiming, Microtransactions, Transaction Expiry Times, Storage Deposits, Native Token Management and, later, NFTs and layer 2 asset management. The new Firefly Shimmer app represents a complete rearchitecting of the application core and doing the same for mobile is no small feat. But once the new architecture is in place, porting features from the desktop app to mobile will be a relatively pain-free process. We look forward to making quick progress on the expanded feature set.

A Big Thank You to the IOTA Community

We are immensely thankful to the thousands of community members who dedicated their spare time to testing the alpha and beta versions. We rely on the IOTA community for testing Firefly and your help has been hugely appreciated. We also rely on a group of volunteer translators who tirelessly dedicate their spare time to making Firefly understandable globally. You have all done a tremendous job.

A Note On Our Blog

We are excited to kick off our new blog. Here we will be sharing articles about Firefly’s roadmap, important releases, among other interesting content, such as thought pieces from the development team. Follow the Firefly Medium account and join us as we begin our journey.

The Firefly team’s communication is public. We use Github to document our tasks and milestones, so make sure to star the repo to follow our progress in real time. We use Discord to communicate within the team and with our userbase. Join the #firefly-discussion channel to get involved.

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