First Youtube „Focus IOTA“

Our Youtube project Focus IOTA is addressed to those who want to quickly get an overview of the important facts of the last days Focus IOTA gives a brief overview of the interesting things of the week once a week in about 2 to 3 minutes. For those who want more information, a link directory of the sources used, is attached.

Here is the first Youtube of „Focus IOTA“

If you need more detailed information, then use the links below to the topic.


New staff

Bill Buchanan is a Professor in the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University, a Fellow of the BCS, and a Principal Fellow of the HEA. 

Angelo Capossele joins IOTA Foundation as a new Senior Research Scientist.

Dany Shaanan is joining IOTA as a Research Scientist on the Research team.

Wolfgang Welz is a researcher and software developer with areas of interest in combinatorial optimization, graph algorithms and network design.

Luigi Vigneri will be joining the Foundation as a senior research scientist.

William Sanders is an academic from the realm of pure mathematics.

Andreas Penzkofer is an electrical engineer and physicist, specializing in analytical and numerical methods.

Pierre Hoffmann is a business developer who has worked for companies such as TOTAL and Microsoft.


Dominik Schiener Co Founder of the IOTA Foundation was speaking at this year’s SZGipfel about the IOTA Foundation and how Germany can take the next steps in realizing the full potential of DLT.


CarVertical is a platform which will step by step enrich the life with IoT benefits, starting with an automatic car parking. created a cute combination of OBD (on-board diagnostics) features, GPS tracking and IOTA Tangle possibilities.



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