Funding the Future: SPYCE.5

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Funding the Future: SPYCE.5 secures One Million EUR investment from IOTA co-founder and serial entrepreneur David Sønstebø

We are excited to announce that IOTA co-founder David Sønstebø joins SPYCE.5’s leadership team as angel investor. SPYCE.5 offers sustainable Blockchain and Web3 infrastructure, data, and digital identity as a Service. This is a significant milestone for our company and we are thrilled to have the support and backing of such a reputable and experienced investor.

David Sønstebø is a Norwegian entrepreneur and the co-founder of IOTA, a distributed ledger technology. Sønstebø has been a proponent of blockchain technology for over a decade. He is one of the initial founders of the IOTA Foundation, a non-for-profit organization that promotes the development and adoption of IOTA’s technology.

Conquering the Blockchain Market for Enterprises

As blockchain technology matures, it garners growing interest and adoption due to its capabilities in enhancing security and transparency across diverse industries. It also enables more efficient and decentralized systems, as well as facilitates novel types of digital interactions.

In our increasingly digitized world, the harmonization of data security with automation takes on paramount importance. Secure data domains and digital identities emerge as key concepts for businesses to grasp. At SPYCE.5, we acknowledge these challenges and aspire to deliver scalable, user-friendly tools and services. Our solutions will empower enterprises and builders to harness the advantages of blockchain infrastructure and applications, without the necessity for specialized in-house expertise or resources.

David Sønstebø: “SPYCE.5 is an exciting endeavor and key for fulfilling the vision for IOTA — building a new digital economy with real-world use cases and enterprise adoption. I’m excited to be onboard and give my full support for the company and growth of the ecosystem.”

Holger Köther, Co-Founder of SPYCE.5: “SPYCE.5 is on its way to becoming a formidable entity in the blockchain domain, delivering blockchain utility for enterprises. David’s engagement will fuel our platform with the funding to further develop and expand our capabilities, networks and corporate collaboration, so that we continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of developers and users alike.

Regine Haschka-Helmer, Co-Founder of SPYCE.5: ”Blockchain as a Service is one of the primary catalysts for Blockchain mass adoption. We’re delighted to contribute significantly to this burgeoning market by providing sustainable blockchain technologies.

Kimmo Nurmisto, Co-Founder of SPYCE.5 “It’s exciting to see the ecosystem come together to push the technology forward to become the next generation disruptive blockchain. SPYCE.5 has an inspiring future ahead with some of the brightest minds of the industry backing it up.”

We’re excited to collaborate with David and are confident his extensive experience and expertise will be instrumental in driving the exponential growth and success of SPYCE.5. With this new investment, we’re now equipped to grow our team, refine our services and offerings, and broaden our market reach.

Holger, Regine and Kimmo


SPYCE.5 — We believe in the positive impact of decentralized, sustainable technologies on our economy and society. Our mission is to make the benefits of this new technology easy to use for everyone. For that we develop our enterprise ready, modular, Web3 plug & play platform, built on a secure, scalable, sustainable blockchain infrastructure.



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