Goldsky Integrates IOTA EVM

Revolutionizing Data Indexing for the IOTA Developer Ecosystem


Goldsky has integrated IOTA EVM, simplifying access to data, enabling real-time analytics, and powering applications. This integration eliminates the need for manual subgraph-based indexing infrastructure, allowing developers to focus on building, not wrangling with blockchain data infrastructure. Goldsky’s product suite enhances data accessibility, enabling efficient and cost-effective development on IOTA EVM.

The success of any decentralized application depends on fast and accurate data. Enabling this across the full set of data – transactions, addresses, tokens, blocks, smart contracts, and more – is complicated, and takes a lot of work. The infrastructure involved in enabling this can be a drain on resources, and most solutions on the market fall short: pre-made endpoints that lack flexibility, hosted services with low reliability, and complex products that take weeks of effort to set up.

Goldsky stands apart as crypto’s category-leading indexer, empowering thousands of crypto businesses to easily build rich, instant, data-driven experiences, and is now coming to IOTA EVM. With its recent integration, Goldsky will make accessing data and real-time analytics much easier for anyone building on IOTA EVM, ensuring that builders can develop exceptional user experiences.

Delivering Data Analysis: Goldsky’s Product Suite

Goldsky’s holistic product suite is designed to provide unparalleled data indexing capabilities. These products enable developers to seamlessly access, manage, and analyze blockchain data with precision and efficiency. An indexer like Goldsky eliminates the need for developers to run their own data servers, build indexing infrastructure, or manually parse data. This reduces costs, ensures continuous data availability, and allows developers to focus on building their projects.

For IOTA EVM, Goldsky provides builders with an easy-to-use platform to build subgraphs and real-time data replication pipelines. Goldsky’s self-serve products can be used independently or together to power a data stack:

  1. Goldsky Subgraphs enable builders to intelligently extract blockchain data with ease – handling reorgs, RPC provider failures, and other complexities automatically. Goldsky offers a high-performance hosted subgraph offering that is 1-to-1 compatible with the open-source graph-node spec, with an upgraded developer experience, including webhooks, advanced analytics, and more.
  2. Goldsky Mirror allows developers to replicate subgraph data or chain-level streams directly to a data store of their choosing for highly flexible usage in front/backends. Mirror enables high-throughput, low-latency, and parallelizable indexing, enabling chain-level data use cases that are not otherwise possible.

For more details on how Goldsky works, visit their website and their documentation.

Embracing the Future Together

We’re excited about the possibilities offered by this integration for unlocking new data-driven potential in the IOTA ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates and follow our journey as we pave the way for a data-driven future in the DLT space.

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