HORNET 0.4.0  —  Metamorphosis

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HORNET 0.4.0 — Metamorphosis

In the past months we have literally rewritten HORNET.
With the 0.4.0 release HORNET now uses an object storage for caching data. This makes things way faster than before. The object storage implementation is also used by GoShimmer and is part of our common code base called hive.go.
In addition to the new object storage we have switched from BadgerDB to BoltDB. This leads to a much lower RAM usage (about ten times less) compared to HORNET 0.3.0.

Changes in numbers (compared to HORNET 0.3.0):

  • 366 changed files
  • 299 commits
  • 26,229 additions
  • 16,300 deletions

The switch to the object storage cache and BoltDB was just one thing. We have optimized and added a lot of things.

The dashboard got some new tools like a JSON and text view for the integrated Tangle explorer.

HORNET Tangle Explorer — JSON view

Once a new HORNET version is available, you will get notified.
If you are running multiple nodes, you’ll love the new node alias. It’ll be shown on your dashboard and — optionally — in the getNodeInfo response. This makes it easy to identify the right node.

The new integrated toolset makes it easy to e.g. generate a new seed for the autopeering plugin.

./hornet tool list  #This will list available tools

Autopeering is one huge new feature. Setting up a node never was easier. HORNET is the first node software which runs in the IOTA Mainnet and uses the autopeering plugin known from GoShimmer.
This way all you have to do is setting up HORNET and start it. HORNET will automatically search for peers aka neighbors.
As the autopeering plugin is under active development, we recommend to add some static peers (IOTA discord — #nodesharing) once your new node is up and running as well.

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The full article was originally published by GoHORNET on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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