How I joined IOTA? But wait, no DeFi ? When DeFi?

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New journey with IOTA — DeFi will be here soon

Why IOTA will create the future in my thought

Who am I?

I would like to start with my own presentation about myself, before I tell you how I came here to the communty, I would like to introduce myself, usually an introduction is very personal, so I reduce that, still wanting to remain transparency as possible, so that I also represents me authentically in the best way. I have long thought about how I can participate in the IOTA community and how the community can get an impression of me. So I decided to write this article and will publish a season of several series from it. The goal will be not only to understand me and my visions, but that you can understand DeFi as a whole by me that I have gained through my experience.

First of all, im not an trader or investor, I would say im someone who loves to build economical business cases — Maybe that’s because I studied business informatics and therefore love business and informatic in the same way. As we all should know, the blockchain has managed to combine both through its values [economics] and protocols [informatics]. It is a new achievement for business as well as for computer science. Many have not yet understood this, but not me and many others who have been in this business for a long time like me or who are following the passion. In my younger years, however, I worked for the German military in IT as a security admin — which taught me very early on how important trust is — although trust can also only be ensured through control. Sometimes this kind of control is also called: self-control, i.e. being able to control oneself, which I was able to prove again when we formed a committee of 9 people, of which I was one of the first members. The committee was established to manage $50,000,000 that means it is not easy — when all eyes are on you in managing the future of a large project. But it was no problem for me, because it was not the first time I was trusted. Among other things, I was also in sales for years — there I learned how important interpersonal skills are and why psychology is so important in our lives. I have made use of this knowledge and today I have formed a personality that I can say I am proud of.

Discovering the Crypto World

I think everyone has their own crypto story, mine started when friends from university made me aware of a token responsible for being known as price-oracel.

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