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Alessandro Buser, who the IOTA community probably knows as “AleB”, is a prolific genius who has his hands in a number of things. According to the internet, Alessandro is a senior associate and the tech lead at Blockchain Valley Ventures in Switzerland, has experience developing smart contracts (solidity) and IOTA, and is also a member of the IEN.

It’s rare that we get a chance to learn from an engineer who also has an investing perspective from inside a top venture capital firm, so let’s not miss this opportunity to learn a few things.

HelloIOTA Question #1: Your background is super unique, and will certainly provide the community with valuable insights! We usually like to start by asking about where you’re from, what your early interests were, where you went to school/what you studied, and where you’ve worked. Everything prior to getting into the crypto space. But, you’re so young that most of the back half of those questions are probably still under development – so we’ll have to settle for a brief rundown of your life so far. Have you always been into programming? Did you grow up in what’s now become “blockhchain valley”?

I grew up in a small town in the beautiful Ticino, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, and I was always very excited about video games, and especially loved World of Warcraft and StarCraft2. So since an early age I wanted to build games, and at 13 or so I invented a board-game (kind of a mix between Chess and “Die Siedler von Catan”) that I wanted to make into a video game, but rather quickly realized that I needed to learn coding to do that. So when I got my first PC at 14 I convinced my parents to buy me a license for GameMaker Studio and watched many hours of YouTube tutorials on how to use it. It took a while, but I learned the basics by building a smaller game which I published a year later. After that, I spent the following 2 years working on the actual board-game. While the development of that was going great, I hit some issues with the design/graphics (my artistic skills are very bad) and I spent less and less time on it, and ultimately dropped it when I moved to Zürich to start my university studies.

HelloIOTA Question #2: They say the best programmers are self-taught. There aren’t any classes on smart contracts in school yet, so you’ve clearly taken a personal interest in crypto and put in the work on your own. How did you first discover cryptocurrency in general? Do you remember the day you first heard about it? What initially appealed to you about the technology?

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