IOTA and IOTA applications help save our planet and create a more peaceful world

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Besides the very many important uses of IOTA, such as

  • Mobility and automotive
  • Global trade and supply chains
  • e-Health
  • Intelligent energy
  • Layer for other cryptocurrencies

which are absolutely important for IOTA and which also accompanies the “public IOTA project”, the focus should now be on a higher level. It’s about how IOTA can help solve big global problems. In this context, mention should be made of climate change and global cooperation

IOTA helps to stop climate change

Especially in terms of energy and emission reduction IOTA stands out by one aspect. For some other cryptocurrencies, a so called “mining” is necessary. This is very energy intensive. One can not exactly determine the total electricity demand of the “Miner” distributed all over the world, but only estimate it. One of the world’s leading crypto currency experts, has calculated in its blog that the Bitcoin system currently consumes 32.5 terawatt hours per year. That’s as much as the entire country of Denmark consumes a year. And the energy needs of “Mining” will continue to increase. These are phenomenal costs when we consider the CO2 emissions associated with power generation. IOTA comes without “Mining” for this reason has a lower emission burden.

Another aspect, however, makes IOTA a real heavyweight in the fight against climate change. As in the article: IOTA: Allrounder in the energy transition, IOTA plays a major role in the transformation of the energy industry. Complete transformation of the energy sector, which accounts for a large proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions, is essential to halt climate change.

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The full article was originally published by Markus on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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