IOTA Foundation and HIGH MOBILITY join forces to collaborate on new applications

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The IOTA Foundation and HIGH MOBILITY join forces for their developers to implement HIGH MOBILITY applications; create new types of mobility applications based on the IOTA ledger and significantly simplify the application development process that combines the two technologies for our developer community.

The IOTA Foundation and HIGH MOBILITY

IOTA work area is the name of the first stage that brings together The IOTA Foundation and HIGH MOBILITY, in this workspace, developers will be able to create and test applications using the standardized API of HIGH MOBILITY connected cars on the IOTA platform.

Kevin Valdek CTO of High-Mobility, highlighted the many and varied opportunities that will unite these technologies and the developer communities; alluding to the range of other interesting applications that developers expect to be able to work in the IOTA workspace.

“With the IOTA ledger and the team’s vision for future mobility, we’ll see it apply to many new services. The type of applications that can be enabled with IOTA technology and vehicle data are many.

This development community aims to translate the value of IOTA open source technology into real connected car applications; starting with the load plane.

Area of work

This first loading plan launched today in the Valdek work area indicates:

“In the first plan, we not only see how the vehicle data can be placed in a ledger; but also how it can be combined with the collection infrastructure and payments.

Speaking of the advantages of collaboration, Alisa Maas, Director of Mobility and Automotion of the IOTA Foundation, said:

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The full article was originally published by IOTA Latino on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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