IOTA – Withstanding The Storm

Dear IOTA community,

we have already seen it all. FUD, misinformation, smear campaigns as well as personal attacks on members of the IOTA Foundation and our community. It is not neccessary to name those persons, they are well-known „academics“ and self-proclaimed experts. Driven by conflicts of interest & damaged egos they continue to spread false or misleading information. Unfortunately they decided to refuse every invitation for a civilized & academic dialouge with the IF. Instead they use every chance to attack IOTA. Meanwhile, IOTA legitimized itself as one of the most serious projects in the whole cryptospace. Nevertheless haters can be useful. Even though they often communicate an alleged finding in a rude and unacademic way, it helps strengthen the Tangle and all its components. Constructive criticism from inside & outside is a need to achieve our goals in a sustainable way – so credits to all IOTA-critics with an actual interest in a decent exchange of views!

Market Situation

The cryptospace and all involved projects are facing a much bigger „problem“ atm – the greatly feared Bear Market. Since the ATH in January 2018 the whole market „crashed“ 80-90% within 11 months.

Total Market Capitalization / Bear Market

You can witness a common behaviour reading through various subreddits, discord-channels and crypto-groups:

  • Panic & hysteria
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Irrational actions
  • Aggressive atmosphere

Unfortunately ~90% of the topics are revolving around one thing: PRICEIt is quite difficult to discuss developments or technical aspects in public forums without getting attacked verbally. News not pushing up the prices aren’t desired right now.  The masses focussing on money and not DLT anymore is a sad circumstance we have to deal with atm. But this behaviour won’t help to improve the public image of DLT and cryptocurrency at all.

But then there is IOTA and its community,

a bastion of calm! Except a few investors going nuts I have never seen a crypto community that strong and focused on getting shit done – still critical, but in a constructive way.  The vast majority realized IOTA is here to stay and not a „get rich quick“ sheme. Undoubtably, it takes years to fulfil the vision. But once you realize the possibilities IOTA enables for the Industrial Revolution 4.0, your focus might change completely. The keyword for success is adoption, pushed by an ecosystem full of motivated visionaries, politicians, industrials, developers, engineers, coders, bloggers, designers, various experts and other talented supporters.

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