Milestone 2 + 3  —  WEN HORNET? NOW!

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Milestone 2 + 3 — WEN HORNET? NOW!

It is now more than two months since we published the last milestone report. There is a reason for this: We have done two milestones at once so that you can finally test HORNET properly. HORNET beta is released now!

In order to make the development of HORNET even faster, we are happy to have a new team member. We got support from the IOTA Foundation in the form of Luca Moser. He also acts as the bridge between the IOTA Foundation development team and us.

Over the past two months, we finished implementing the IRI API, so you now can use HORNET together with the IOTA client libraries and the Trinity wallet.

Remember: HORNET is released as a beta version and for testing purposes only. Take this into consideration when choosing the amounts of IOTA you send.

We skipped the trivial tip selection and implemented the tip selection IRI uses as well. This was defined by milestone three.

Despite HORNET using the same tip selection algorithm as IRI, HORNET is still way faster than IRI due to improvements done on the implementation level.

As defined by our second milestone we also implemented the ZMQ (ZeroMQ) topics known from IRI. This way you can use HORNET to watch Tangle events.

Thanks to the community we now have a beautiful logo. You’ll find this logo at different places in HORNET, e.g. within the new dashboard.

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The full article was originally published by GoHORNET on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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