Milestone 4 + 5 — Keep it small, please!

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Since the release of HORNET as beta about one month ago, we have received a lot of feedback. Most of all positive.

We are proud that the community is so well involved in the development of HORNET. By testing, but also by fixing bugs and adding features.
Special thanks go to the community members Dave [EF] for extensively testing HORNET on various operating systems and to Thoralf for fixing bugs.

Thank you! This is how a community project should work!

In the last month we have worked hard to improve HORNET and add new features. Some numbers:

  • 270 commits
  • 61 pull requests merged
  • 27 issues closed
  • 15 releases published

Some new features are:

  • The Spammer Plugin: Automatically issue zero value transactions with HORNET
  • The Monitor Plugin: With this plugin you have your own
  • The Graph Plugin: With this plugin you have your own
  • The MQTT Plugin: This plugin provides all topics known from ZMQ but uses MQTT

With the latest release (0.3.0) HORNET is now able to create local snapshots and it can prune its database. This was defined by milestone 4.

By doing local snapshots and pruning the database, it is now possible for devices with small storage capacities (i.e. Raspberry Pi), to participate in the network without having to delete their database manually.

This was a huge step. And it was the last missing piece to reach feature parity with IRI 1.8.0.

By reaching feature parity with IRI, you can now use HORNET as a replacement for IRI, however, please note that HORNET first has to pass some more code reviews, to be sure that everything works correctly.
This will happen in the course of the next months.

On top of this big milestone, we have published a HORNET Docker image.
It is available on the Docker Hub. This way you do not have to build the Docker image by yourself anymore but can simply pull it from the Docker Hub:

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The full article was originally published by GoHORNET on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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