Pollen Testnet v0.2.4 Release Notes

The full article was originally published by Angelo Capossele on Medium. Read the full article here.

We are releasing a new version of our Pollen testnet: v0.2.4. This update includes:

  • Fixed race condition that was preventing the deletion of some entries from the missing messages db, even if they were actually received from the neighbors.
  • Improved the Tangle-BadgerDB interaction.
  • Improved APIs for debug with the addition of the value-tips endpoint.
  • Improved tooling with the addition of a random autopeering seed generator that can be used to set a static node identity.
  • Improved autopeering management by adding the ability to specify a given network version.
  • Integrated the dRNG module, currently being tested by the community members of the GoShimmer X-Team.

As for the previous release, this version bump resets the network as well as the Tangle, and all the balances and tokenized assets.

Here, you can find instructions on how to setup or update your node.

We would like to thank our GoShimmer X-Team community members for their help and support on kicking off the testing phase of the Decentralized Random Number Generator (dRNG) module. The upcoming Pollen v0.3.0 will bring the first IOTA community-based dRNG!

As always, we welcome your comments and questions either here on Medium or in the #tanglemath channel on our Discord. You can also join in the #goshimmer-discussion on Discord.

The full article was originally published by Angelo Capossele on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Read the full article here.

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