RUST Token Explained — pt.5 Token Transparency & Lock-up

RUST Token Explained — pt.5 Token Transparency & Lock-up

Renouncing ownership of the $RUST token contract was the first step for the RRCC in putting the token fully in the hands of the community. The success of the launch has shown that the community understands that they are in control of the token and that the RRCC can no longer inflate or alter the token. Fixing its maximum possible supply to 2,000,000,000 $RUST.

Transaction Renouncing $RUST Token Contract Ownership

$RUST Supply is Locked

To continue in sharing transparency and to offer greater security for the token and the RRCC community, we are excited to share that the entire supply is now publicly visible and locked in Smart Contracts, Treasury Lock-ups, and Vesting Plans.

To maintain full transparency for the community, the entire distribution of the tokens max supply can be tracked on-chain. Allowing full clarity for the community as the token is vested into the world over the coming years.

$RUST Token Contract Address

$RUST Token Distribution

The distributions secured in Hedgey Finance smart contracts contain 44% of the supply that include the treasury lock-ups for the ecosystem, project, and community marketing, as well as future monthly NFT holder airdrop vesting lock-up, and partner, contributor, and team member vesting plans totalling 880,000,000 $RUST.

RRCC Project Fund (130,000,000 RUST 6.5%)

Funds distributed to the RRCC project

RRCC Ecosystem Fund (130,000,000 RUST 6.5%)

Funds distributed for supporting community and creator projects and grants

RRCC Community Marketing Fund (120,000,000 RUST 6%)

Funds distributed for community promotions and marketing

NFT Holder Airdrops Vesting Plan (320,000,000 RUST 16%)


Funds vested over 18 drops for NFT holder airdrops

Partners, Contributors, & Team Vesting Plans (180,000,000 RUST 9%)


Partner, contributor, and team member vesting plans

Total = 880,000,000 (44%)

The distributions secured in ShimmerSea DEX smart contracts contain 55% of the total max supply of $RUST that include the initial fair-launch liquidity supply, Liquidity Pool reward fund, and Staking Pool reward funds totalling 1,100,000,000 $RUST.

Fair Launch Liquidity (50,000,000 RUST 2.5%)


Initial distribution to provide $RUST liquidity for fair launch event

Liquidity Pool Rewards (150,000,000 RUST 7.5%)


Liquidity pool reward system for liquidity providers

RUST Staking Pool (150,000,000 RUST 7.5%)


Reward lock-up for RUST only staking pool

RRCC NFT Staking Pool (300,000,000 RUST 15%)


Reward lock-up for NFT holder staking pool

OG NFT Staking Pool (450,000,000 RUST 22.5%)


Reward lock-up for OG holder staking pool

Total = 1,100,000,000 RUST (55%)

The distribution initiated by the RRCC involved the launch of the $RUST token through two airdrops to NFT holders that distributed 1% of the supply including the distribution of farmed $RUST from an event in 2022 and an NFT wide airdrop totalling 20,000,000 $RUST.

You can view airdrop transactions by scanning the $RUST token contract and searching for the airdropArray method call on Shimmer EVM Explorer

OG Farming Airdrop (4,644,989 RUST 0.23%)


Initial airdrop to IG NFT holders that farmed RUST in 2022

NFT Holder Initial Airdrop (15,355,011 RUST 0.77%)


Initial airdrop to all current NFT holders

Total = 20,000,000 RUST (1%)

Note: due to a gap in data where some Discord users were not connected to their OG NFTs correctly a small amount of $RUST (702k) has been locked in a wallet 0x41fd792943eEE30890CfFf8c04dFB53CfB6f1333 that will be held for 12 months for those few individuals to come forward and claim any missing airdrop. In the event there is $RUST left unclaimed after the 12 months from the launch of the token any remaining $RUST in this wallet will be burned.

The entire supply of $RUST is now visible on-chain.

With all tokens locked in Smart Contracts, Treasury Lock-ups, and Vesting plans, the entire max distribution of the $RUST token is visible on-chain for full token transparency. Allowing the community to have full clarity on the fair and open release, distribution, and supply of $RUST token.

20,000,000 + 880,000,000 + 1,100,000,000 = 2,000,000,000 RUST (100%)

With the entire supply visible and locked and the renouncing of ownership of the contract, the RRCC is continuing to put the community first with security and transparency in the supply and distribution of $RUST token.
All that’s left now is to grow, buy-back, and burn!

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