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Trinity Update: Feb 1st

Last week we released Trinity Mobile 0.6.0 beta. This was a substantial step forward for the mobile version, including a number of considerable changes and improvements. The addition of node quorum vastly improves the wallet’s security when…

IOTA Entangled Update — Jan. 22

As the New Year begins it is a great time to plan the future of Entangled. First, what is Entangled? Entangled is a monorepo for all things Tangle that add functionality for operating IOTA in C/C++.If you would like to keep up to date…

A developer’s vision of Qubic

Disclaimer: The information below is my own personal understanding of Q. This article is written to convey my ideas about how Q could be implemented from a developers mindset. Please feel free to discuss, improve upon and work with me to…

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