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IOTA Meets Couchbase

A step closer to a (semi) permanode.The discussion of permanodes is one with a long history and is one that always seems to come back. With the release of local snapshots it becomes more and more uncertain if your data will stay alive…

The IOTA ROS (Robot Operating System) Project

In my last article “Why ROS is perfect for IOTA” I wrote about the Robot Operating System and tried to explain why it is perfect for IOTA. The article got a lot more attention than i had expected, so I decided to give a small introduction…

Why ROS is perfect for IOTA

Moin Moin! Servus! Hello!For this short blog post I have to introduce myself shortly. My name is Michael and I’m studying Electrical Engineering. The last few months I was very busy in writing my bachelor’s thesis about the…

Qubic status update July 3rd 2018

Hi everyone, here is the first of the promised status updates about the Qubic project. Our goal is to send out a status update on the 3rd of every month.Last month was a milestone to us because we were finally able to unveil what this…

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