Tangle Universe BETA 2.0 explained

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The Tangle Universe project doesn’t just want to be a static platform where certain partners are only listed. With Tangle Universe we want to create a living, independent network that makes a difference. It should become a platform that contributes to projects being implemented, cooperations being concluded and IOTA projects, applications and services being able to find their partners and donors. We believe that such a network can be a building block for the further development of IOTA and the Tangle applications.

Project funding and monetization of content

Many people support IOTA and the Tangle technology for a variety of reasons, and some of them create smaller or larger projects to support IOTA. Much of this happens without revenues. Maybe some projects generate smaller revenues by including ADS in the content. But that’s far from what is needed is to let the project grow.

This often happens out of the philosophy that many content would have to be made available on the Internet for free. However, as we know, this philosophy only helps the big companies, who benefit from the algorithms and the targeted display of advertising. The one who wants to eimbursed his work with this advertising, is usually fed with a very small amount. This often results in the fact that some very good projects being left behind for lack of funds, or being bought from larger ones at a ridiculous price.

However, financial support for projects is often necessary, especially in the IOTA environment, because much is still in the research and testing phase and at least this technology is currently far from widespread use and cost-effectiveness can often not be realized directly through the project.

Institutional support is great and important, but mostly goes to the larger and better-known projects, because it generates a certain external impact. Many projects remain out there.

Freely available or open source is a great thing to develop projects further, but also has its limits, if the one who has put a lot of work has gone completely empty. Sometimes because oft the lack of financial resources projects can not continue and then larger companies use these ideas for market their purposes.

That’s why many, maybe very good and important projects for IOTA could ultimately fall by the wayside. With the Tangle Universe BETA 2.0 we would like to create possibilities for IOTA projects and supporters to generate income with their great content or to realize a direct project funding.

We also want to generate an opportunity beyond IOTA speculation, which is known to carry a high risk, to generate revenue from projects. We would like to implement different things in the Tangle Universe BETA 2.0:

  • Supporters & Venture Capitalists: There are a number of companies and sponsors who, for a variety of reasons, support certain projects so that they can be realized or further advanced. This happens sometimes also beyond the public. These partners can register with Tangle Universe 2.0 in the future and look for the exchange with our listed partners and projects. We would like to support the realization of bilateral possibilities of direct funding or venture capital.
  • Monetization of premium content: This can be a win-win situation for many. Since the copyright is drawn ever closer, it can give problems even to use only a part of a strange contends. But providing things that are designated as freely usable can make life easier for many. It is then only fair if certain content then also leads to revenues. Our premium supporters will have the opportunity to monetize particularly valuable content on our platform. This can be texts, pictures, videos, program codes and much more.
  • Donation Carousel: Some people or companies may want to support the Tangle Universe BETA 2.0 project because it benefits the further development of IOTA. We would like to divide support in the form of donations among all premium supporters. A so-called donation carousel will be launched for our premium supporters. With this donation carousel it will be possible from BETA 2.0 to distribute incoming donations equally to all premium partners who have registered for it. This is possible because the IOTA transactions can be carried out without a fee and therefore micropayment is suitable. This means that even smaller amounts can be divided among several listing partners without incurring any costs.
  • Tangle Universe Public IOTA Award: Furthermore, we will initiate a Tangle Universe Award, where special achievements of our listing partners will be honored regularly. This award should be awarded with a sum of money.

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The full article was originally published by Markus on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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