The Industrial IOTA Lab Aachen

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The Industrial IOTA Lab Aachen (IILA) was established in April 2018 at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering WZL of RWTH Aachen University. IILA is a community driven laboratory which offers students, lecturers, industry representatives and enthusiasts for research in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Economy, Machine-to-Machine communication, Distributed-Ledger-Technologies (mainly IOTA), and the Industrial Internet of Things. Our team consists of doctoral students, technicians, graduate students and student assistants from the Laboratory of Machine Tools and Production Engineering. We are the first point of contact at RWTH Aachen University and we welcome independent collaborations that maybe interested in our research topics.

Current Use Case

We are currently working on a use case using the industrial Feintool fine-blanking press XFT 2500speed. Our goal is to store a tamper-proof digital data record for each component produced by the fine-blanking tool and store it in the tangle via Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM). Our clients can check the data integrity of the produced parts via website. For further information refer to article Status Report 01. (Note that XFT 2500speed may also be used to study related topics in the future).

Meet the team

The IILA team is constantly expanding and we are excited of the achievements we have made and the progress we are making.

The Industrial IOTA Lab Aachen Team

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The full article was originally published by Daniel Trauth on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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