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Our vision: „The real IOTA revolution will take place when applications are realized that benefit the industry as well as investors, and when the broader population understands and accepts IOTA as well as recognizes benefits in their daily lives. publicIOTA wants to support this process as an independent group“

In May 2018 it was time. We have launched our website, which is the external presentation of our work. Now this is exactly one month online and is gradually filled with quality content. We have set up the following categories, which I will discuss in more detail below: Database, Application, Research, Revenues, Investing and Rumors.

The project publicIOTA was also published as a project in the IOTA Ecosystem. Of course we are happy about every “Like”.


In the section Database you will read a lot from the manuals and official statements of the IOTA Foundation. In addition, there is also general and up-to-date information as well as a lot of projects that arise in the IOTA environment. The section database is more than just an IOTA blog: Important IOTA information can be found here.

The most recent project in this area is “Wikiota”, a database for explanations. With Wikiota we would like to explain many terms that are used in the environment and in dealing with IOTA as simply as possible. This collection of explanations should be aimed primarily at beginners, but also provide for advanced users a reference work. The contents of this database are short explanations and definitions. The corresponding contributions are provided with links, which then lead to the source and to further information.

But also in exchange with other IOTA supporters and members of the IOTA Foundation, we want to ensure high-quality content here.


Applications are at the heart of IOTA’s future. Here you will find information about the IOTA core areas: Mobility & Automotive, Global Trade & Supply Chains, E-Health, Smart Energy. We are already accompanying some real world applications and will continue to do so in the future.

As already announced, we will soon have a small funny IOTA online tool on our website. This will demonstrate some of the great benefits of IOTA live. For example, the speed, the scalability and the data transfer over the tangle. In this tool, the electric car “Pubio” will play a major role. We hope that we can put this tool online in about 2 weeks and that everyone can experience some of the benefits of IOTA live.

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The full article was originally published by Markus on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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