Trinity Desktop Beta Release

The full article was originally published by Navin Ramachandran on Medium. Read the full article here.

The IOTA Foundation is proud to announce the public beta release of the Trinity Desktop wallet app.

The Trinity Mobile wallet was released to a warm reception earlier this year, addressing many of the usability issues of the standard GUI wallet. Since that time the team has continually iterated and innovated, to bring us closer to a full mobile release.

But that’s not why you are here…

So without further ado, we introduce the Trinity Desktop beta wallet.

The mobile UX has been optimised for desktop with some neat additions, while maintaining a familiar flow. The app has again been audited to assure its security. And following user feedback, we have developed a new default theme for desktop and mobile, adding to our range of themes.

We could spend the next few paragraphs explaining the different features, but videos say so much more.

Wallet Onboarding:

Sending a Transaction:

To get your copy of the beta wallet, please visit the Trinity website. This contains download links for desktop and mobile, docs (including an FAQ), audit reports and a help centre. The roadmap has also been updated to reflect progress and upcoming features.

Please note:
Trinity Desktop on Windows is signed with the IOTA Foundation code-signing certificate, which needs to have a positive reputation in order to pass the Smart Screen filter. Microsoft establishes the reputation of an application based upon the number of installations worldwide of this application. Since Trinity Desktop has just been released (and therefore its reputation hasn’t yet been established), the Smart Screen will continue to flag the wallet.
You can manually check the certificate by right-clicking the application icon and opening “Properties”. Then on the “Digital Signatures” tab, you can find detailed information about the “IOTA Stiftung” signature.

As promised, we are also open sourcing all code for the mobile and desktop wallets today — the code can be found on our Github repo. Please dive in and explore. Over the next few weeks we will be looking to work with our developer community to improve the wallet further.

We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour, and we thank you for your patience and support.

Please join us on the #trinity-discussion channel of the IOTA Discord to discuss the wallet and interact with the community. Trinity is a constantly evolving product which will undergo further changes during beta testing.

Extra videos:

The full article was originally published by Navin Ramachandran on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Read the full article here.

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