Welcome Carlos Azjuque to lidbot

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Lidbot would like to introduce another one of our team members, Carlos Azjuque. Carlos is great at the analysis, design and implementation of components, architectures and systems in the area of ​​high impact web application development. He takes pride in choosing the resources and tools necessary to create an applicable, scalable and efficient software solution.

He is a wizard of different environments for the development of software based on Python, Node, Ruby, PHP, up to cloud services such as Firebase, Amazon Web Server, Heroku, Elastic Cloud and more.

Carlos plays guitar and loves to listen to music while he codes.

At lidbot, He is responsible for everything front-end. He has built out our JS based website and analytics platform. He is also excited to be on a team that is international. He currently resides in Argentina but originally from Venezuela.

We asked Carlos some questions below;

How did you find out about lidbot?

Carlos: Hamoun contacted me from a freelancing website and asked me to build the initial front-end analytics platform. I think he was impressed by my work and has kept me busy every since!

What made you join the company?

Carlos: I could never imagine that I would be working in a company that was trying to put sensors in trash cans. At first I thought the idea was crazy but now that I fully understand what we are trying to achieve at lidbot, I am very excited to get these sensors in every trash can in the world. I truly believe that the data that is collected by these sensors could help solve some of the large waste related challenges we face today.

What do you like about the work environment?

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The full article was originally published by Lidbot on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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