Welcome Koen Maris to the IOTA Foundation

The full article was originally published by David Sønstebø on Medium. Read the full article here.

Koen Maris is Chief Technology Officer in the field of cyber security for Atos in the region of the BeNeLux and the Nordics. Together with his team he scouts for new technologies and how to embed them into new services for the organization to serve their customers. He is recognized as a distinguished expert in the organization.

Koen Maris started an IT career as a software developer. This experience provided solid background in complex environments and a basis in the roll-out of challenging IT projects. After a few years, he swapped development for ethical hacking because of a natural curiosity to flaws in systems. This was the start of technical career in IT security, however due to rise of security problems his career evolved from ethical hacking to security solutions integration and eventually to the more managerial side of security.
He has been CISO and security officer preceding his current role (since 2015) as a Chief Technology Officer at Atos.

He advices large organizations in a multi-industry environment to think on a long-term basis on Cyber Security and addresses complex security topics in layman terms for board of directors and executive committees.

Koen Maris serves as a trusted advisor for many organizations and is becoming a known speaker that challenges his audience and questions current applied security models.

On joining IOTA

I’m excited and honoured to be part of the IOTA foundation and serve as an advisor. The IOTA Tangle technology is the first DLT that enable large scale industrial adoption for IOT and beyond. I look forward to the future working with the IOTA team and help them to enable Internet of Me.

Koen brings with him experience from the start-up, open source and enterprise world with heavy emphasis on cyber security. Not only will he bring with him the expertise on cybersecurity that made him a CTO of a multi-billion dollar company, but also the experience and knowledge of how to organize organizations, which is precisely the stage the IOTA Foundation is in right now that it is scaling rapidly. Koen has a talent for making complex topics digestible for the general public, as well as senior members of organizations, both in the written and spoken medium, which is one of his roles at the IOTA Foundation. We are confident that he will add a lot to the project, particularly in the cybersecurity realm. Give him a warm welcome!

The full article was originally published by David Sønstebø on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Read the full article here.

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