Welcome Mark Sulavka to the IOTA Foundation

The full article was originally published by David Sønstebø on Medium. Read the full article here.

Mark Sulavka is the Managing Partner of Aquilon Holdings and the Co-founder and Chairman of Exascale AI, an artificial neural networks system based on patented limbo-thalamo-cortical algorithms, scheduled for launch in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

Mr. Sulavka is also the former Chairman and CEO of the National Stock Exchange, a SEC-registered stock exchange and self-regulatory organization (“SRO”) & was Co-founder and CTO of MatchPoint Trading an equity portfolio base call market matching system with a unique lease cost matching algorithm that was acquired by the New York Stock Exchange(NYSE). Mark also serves on the Advisory Board of Vice Media Starworks Group and AISHARE which is a next generation AI and data platform.

Mark Sulavka has led over 50 Technology & Investment Assessments for fortune 500 companies, family offices, and institutional investors. He is an accomplished and respected technology executive in Global Financial Markets and is regarded as an innovative leader and team builder. For over 25 years Mark has architected and led the development of enterprise software, global trading and risk operations platforms and has demonstrated a consistent track-record of on-time and under-budget delivery of major initiatives.

He also brings significant experience as an exchange and global capital markets executive, a regulator of financial markets, and a significant former trader specializing in international arbitrage of global rates, FX, and OTC and exchange traded derivatives products on both the buy-side and sell-side of the market. His breadth of experience offers a valuable 360 degree view of the participants in today’s changing market structure and regulatory landscape. Mark’s full range of technical, business and management expertise will complement IOTA’s multi-disciplinary strategies.

Mr. Sulavka brings with him a core team that includes the following:

Jeffrey Diedrich Former CTO of the National Stock Exchange and 20+ year securities and trading technology veteran.

Kenny Byrne Former CTO of PartStore and 20+ years as a Sr. executive, building and capitalizing early-stage companies as well as turnarounds.

Egor Agafonov Sr. Architect / Sr. Developer with over 30 years of systems and trading solutions development.

Mark Kemna Former CTO and Sr. technologist of multiple companies, specializing in ad-tech and big data.

On joining the IOTA Foundation

I am very honored to join the IOTA Foundation. I share IOTA’s view of their role and opportunity to shape the future of distributed ledger technology (DLT) across the gamut of protocol-based use cases throughout the IoT industry.

At its very core and throughout its development, IOTA’s technology has been uniquely and organically developed to fully meet the needs of secure communications, value transfer and scalability. With such a great start and a committed core team we see incredible opportunities to change the viability, costs basis and execution of dozens of industries and verticals.

Mark brings an unmatched level of expertise and lifelong experience from the exchange and financial markets realm to the IOTA Foundation. We have a significant road map in the FinTech space together with Mark and his excellent team. He is currently leading the growth pivotal Iota eXtension Interface (IXI) Hub module development. This IXI Hub module will make exchange interfacing friction-less and ‘plug and play’ for exchanges, which will open the IOTA ecosystem to the entire global market of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Mark will play a crucial role and be a key enabler in bridging IOTA with the established financial institutions and regulatory ecosystems. Give him a warm welcome!

Welcome Mark Sulavka to the IOTA Foundation was originally published in IOTA on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

The full article was originally published by David Sønstebø on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Read the full article here.

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