Humans are thought to have first developed the ability to think abstractly and plan for the future about 40,000 years ago. Anthropologists arrived at this conclusion after archaeological digs revealed intricate artwork, craftsmanship, and…

Sea of Signature Schemes

Cryptocurrency includes the word "crypto" because it uses cryptographic functions to sign and secure transactions.As we'll be doing throughout this piece, let's defer to a security source for a brief explanation of hash functions: "A …

IOT2TANGLE Interview

As is the case with many things in the IOTA ecosystem, we run the risk of endless confusion when we represent projects/features with acronyms while failing to provide any background. So that we don’t fall into this trap, let’s start slowly…

Erupting onto the Scene

If all goes well, IOTA will be erupting onto the tech scene within the next few years. It has been an experimental research project to this point in time, like all DLTs. Now, the esteemed staff of researchers seems to have the protocol on…

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