A Hive of Patents

There has been a steady increase in patents filed that reference IOTA in their documentation. It's always exciting when you read another news post or another headline that says IOTA is mentioned "on the 15th patent this month!" Although…

IOT2TANGLE Interview

As is the case with many things in the IOTA ecosystem, we run the risk of endless confusion when we represent projects/features with acronyms while failing to provide any background. So that we don’t fall into this trap, let’s start slowly…

The Sands of Time: Part III

Part III in our Sands of Time series focuses on the history of electricity. HelloIOTA's Into the Future piece told the fascinating story of Michael Faraday and Hans Christian Ørsted discovering different sides of what would lead to…

On the Pulse

The field of healthcare has seemingly always been an important area for IOTA. The Tangle theoretically pairs well with health data encryption and transfer, so it makes sense.To emphasize the importance that IOTA puts on healthcare: one…

Into the Future

Scroll through the verticals on iota.org and you'll find the seeds of a wonderful future that undeniably sprouts into harmony and peace.The social impact category paints a future of sustainability by way of IoT derived natural resource…

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