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As is the case with many things in the IOTA ecosystem, we run the risk of endless confusion when we represent projects/features with acronyms while failing to provide any background. So that we don’t fall into this trap, let’s start slowly to get HelloIOTA readership caught up from the very beginning. We’ll form a solid foundation before jumping into the interview.

Many who have followed IOTA will have seen bits of news about something called “XDK2MAM”. Teasing this name apart: “XDK” refers to the Bosch sensor board/chip called Bosch XDK110. The development kit that includes this sensor board costs about 180 euros, and the board has the following sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Humidity, Magnetometer, Pressure, Temperature.

“MAM”, or “masked authenticated messaging”, is IOTA’s old version of data streaming over the tangle. The new version is being called “Streams”, which is something else you’ve probably heard of by now.

The original XDK2MAM project began in August of 2018 with the stated purpose of writing open source code for the Bosch XDK 110 sensor board to interact with the Tangle by using IOTA’s MAM data streaming capability. @xdk2mam has remained very active on twitter and is a recommended IOTA follow.

On September 22, they tweeted a hint that they would be releasing new code that might be compatible with IOTA’s new streams. Likely a difficult move from old MAM, which makes it very exciting.

Readers will remember meeting Carpincho in a HelloIOTA feature interview last month. Carpincho not only heads the IEN, but has also been driving this xdk2mam project forward.

‍Today we’ll learn more about the XDK2MAM origin story, meet the team, and delve into their special new release that they’re calling IOT2TANGLE. Let’s go.

HelloIOTA Question #1

Our readers have been caught up on Bosch XDK 110, IOTA MAM, and the XDK2MAM project. This project originated way back in summer of 2018 – we’d be delighted to hear the origination story. When did the idea first arise? Was there a specific use case in mind, or was it a blue ocean idea? Why choose to work with the Bosch XDK 110 rather than a raspberry pi or other sensor boards? How has the XDK2MAM project progressed over this time? What were some challenges and triumphs? Are you pleased with how things have turned out so far?

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The full article was originally published by HelloIOTA, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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