FPC with the Professor

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Serguei Popov has been an integral part of the IOTA project since inception. He wrote the Tangle white paper and has guided the protocol toward its new consensus mechanism over years of hard work. He’s a cofounder of IOTA, yes, but much more than that he’s a calm, steadying scientific voice of reason that pierces through the deafening emotionally labile cross-winds of crypto.

As a mathematics professor, Dr. Popov fulfills his dual duties of both teaching at university and leading the IOTA research and development team. He’s the project’s senior-most resident research mathematician. His specialty is Markov chains and random walks, so he legitimately might be the perfect person to lead IOTA into its new fast probabilistic consensus (FPC) solution for Coordicide. Having observed from afar, he certainly loves MCMC, chess (he’ll probably crush you), and music.

The IOTA Foundation is so lucky to have a brilliant mind and wonderful person of the caliber of the Professor. His revered presence at IF has surely lent the project immense credibility, and a seat at at least a few tables that wouldn’t have otherwise been made available. Prof. Popov has recently collaborated with another academic heavyweight William Buchanan to (soon) publish a paper in the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing named Fast Probabilistic Consensus within Byzantine Infrastructures. Additionally, IOTA has gotten into the door of numerous academic institutions and partnered with top notch departments for collaborative research on Tangle consensus.

We feel it necessary to highlight an interview that Prof. Popov did with the IEN a few months ago. It has a mere 1,400 views, which means that a majority of the community still has yet to see it. It’s a gem of a talk that must not go unwatched by anyone interested in the project. As always, HelloIOTA is here to provide a full written summary of the interview for those readers who obtain information more quickly by reading than by watching a 65 minute video. The full writeup is below, and the video is linked at the bottom of this page.

The video contains an extremely digestible powerpoint-supplemented talk on FPC followed by a brief round of questions from the audience. Note that professor Popov includes multiple questions, and at his usual best. Please be aware that the answers to those are included in the writeup below. Scroll straight down to the video if you want the full interactive audiovisual experience.

‍Be sure to take a look at Seguei Popov’s new book, Two-Dimensional Random Walk – From Path Counting to Random Interlacements

‍The talk has three things in its title:

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The full article was originally published by HelloIOTA, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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