BiiLabs Partners with Kdan Mobile to Enable DottedSign e-Signature Solution with Reinforced Authentication through Blockchain

The full article was originally published by BiiLabs on Medium. Read the full article here.

Release date: 28 April, 2020. Taipei, Taiwan.

BiiLabs, a Blockchain-as-a-Service startup company, recently announced the collaboration with Kdan Mobile to introduce the integration of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) into its DottedSign solution, enabling a simplified and trackable signature process, as well as ensuring the security of the authentication.

The traditional paper-based signing process often faces the inconvenience that was too time-consuming, which could be difficult for out-of-office workers as they are unable to sign in efficient ways. At the same time, there are risks of losing documents and tracking the signing status.

Kdan’s DottedSign, the legally binding e-Signature solution, allows both businesses and individuals to easily sign, assign, and track documents online to expedite the signing process, eliminating the requirement for paper contracts and optimizing the workflow. It also ensures the confidentiality and security of the documents with data encryption.

BiiLabs drives the infrastructure of DottedSign solution with the industry known Alfred API. It reinforces Kdan’s recent technological foundation by utilizing the permanently recorded and immutable features of DLT to develop the data storage and authentication technologies for its services. This ensure the audit trails to all parties has been authentically recorded that strengthen the authenticity and security of e-Signature.

“In the digital era and the maturity of remote work, optimizing traditional documenting processes will help to build an efficient and convenient working environment,” said Lman Chu, Co-Founder and CEO at BiiLabs. “BiiLabs’ collaboration with Kdan Mobile can facilitate the digital transformation for every corporate, as well as ensuring the highest standard of data security.”

“We are delighted to announce our collaboration with BiiLabs,” said Kenny Su, Kdan Mobile’s CEO and Founder. “Not only will this partnership enhance document transfer security for our DottedSign customers, but also will serve as a bridge between the blockchain industry and value-added electronic solutions”

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The full article was originally published by BiiLabs on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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