Build a Fiat-IOTA-Fiat service yourself (express guide)

Delion has just informed us that they are going to offer a new service using email to send/receive IOTA tokens in their own wallet/userface. Now you are able to build a Fiat-crypto-Fiat exchange yourself using this together with a payment provider.

One of the hurdles around crypto has been the clumsy multi-step process needed to buy the tokens. I will present the rough outlines how to build your own IOTA-crypto shop/auction service that is far simpler to use afterwards.

IOTA is a crypto currency that is expected to be used in many real-life-transactions as well as machine-to-machine-transactions. The IOTA Foundation has released a wallet called Trinity that is very safe and user friendly, but you still need to fill it in some way buying the IOTA tokens with ‘real’ money. has now developed a user interface that can function as an Api to connect to online stores etc. The same Api can connect to a payment gateway in such a way that you are able to buy and sell IOTA tokens through the gateway.

( ‘’A payment gateway is a merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar.’’)

By setting up a online store using one of the many service providers on the web, you are able to make a platform that is easy to use to buy and sell IOTA tokens for fixed agreed prices,you can even make an auction type if that is what you want.

For those who want to facilitate ease of purchase for others, you can make a system that connects delion user accounts and payment providers with the intent to only make a small percentage of the transactions being done between party A and party B. You are then not selling the IOTA tokens, and your not buying them, just making a profit on the system that connects the two parties together. This makes regulation of your service a lot simpler perhaps not even a need at all.

Step 1. Create an delion account on

delion managment console

Step 2 Choose the type of business you are going to offer (shop,exchange,auction). Connect the check out mechanism with delion (digital content shipment).Examples of providers below:

Step 3, you now only need a payment gateway. Make sure you choose one that is global and that supports sale of digital content. I would recommend that you set up an automatic verification process that shows that your tokens have been sent and have arrived at the buyer’s delion to prevent buyer protection cases (delion can handle this).

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