Career verification platform, using verified credentials with IOTA at National Cheng Kung University

Chengda I-PATH Action History Blockchain Technology is used to learn community and network development

The “Future Wisdom Workshop” of the successful university will use the “blockchain” technology to innovate in the learning community and network promotion, develop the I-PATH action history, and establish a system for digitizing the student learning process and experience, tracking the individual digital learning footprint. Personal resumes can also be embedded, and the teaching administrative unit can also query the student’s digital resume through the system. The alumni community can promote the activities through the system. The I-PATH action resume was first displayed at the Taipei Financial Technology Show on December 7th and 8th. Professor Cheng Da explained the full attention and attracted the invitation to participate in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incentive Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology. .

The I-PATH action resume is highly eye-catching at the financial technology exhibition site. People in the academic, scientific, and financial circles are very interested. I want to know how to apply the resume of the future corporate recruitment. Students are curious about how to digitize the learning process and design. The number of points is concatenated and transformed, and then becomes a financial act. Other school teachers also want to know if I-PATH can provide other school services.

The I-PATH action history was developed by Professor Yang Jiahan from Chengda Creative Industry Research Institute, Professor Huang Jingqun from the Department of Information Engineering, and Professor Cai Wei from the Department of Social Studies at Sun Yat-Sen University. Xie Sunyuan, the director of Chengda’s R&D and future smart workshop, said that with his resume, the student’s learning record is no longer limited to academic scores. The I-PATH action profile is used in the development of the student learning community and links to the alumni community. On the other hand, students are also introduced to the corporate community as an intermediary certification between the various communities.

Su Huizhen, President of Chengda University, pointed out that the I-PATH action history is designed with a point cycle as the basis. Time, expertise and training are the basic units of the human circulation system in successful universities, and various forms of certificates are distributed among talents and resources. Currency, the interest and skill certification marked by the certificate, will draw a line of independent and multi-learning in the students’ learning career and expertise training.

Chengda and Yongfeng Bank have actively created the application of the certificate blockchain in the past year. Jiang Weina, senior executive vice president of Digital Finance and the director of Digital Technology Division of Yongfeng Financial Management, said that students now need cross-disciplinary learning, I-PATH certificate Blockchain and points are applied to cross-domain learning of future students. Using blockchain technology to quickly tag students’ learning trajectories, they can quickly find the cross-disciplinary talents that companies need.

Professor Cai Wei, Executive Secretary of the Future Smart Workshop, said that the I-PATH action resume can propose the concept of talent cycle because Professor Yang Jiahan in the team has done user experience analysis for the needs of the campus situation in the past year, and also from the future campus. From the perspective of using the interview to explore the needs of teachers and students, Professor Huang Jingqun of the Department of Capital Engineering will apply the technology of the decentralized certification of the developed blockchain.

Professor Yang Jiahan said that Chengda’s I-PATH action profile not only provides a credible learning experience for students during interviews, but also searches for like-minded students to form new clubs. Schools and businesses can also use I-PATH for school activities. I can use the I-PATH community to search for the right people, and get rid of the problem of poor publicity and poor resume.

Lin Jinghua, a graduate student at Chengda Information Engineering Institute, said that Chengdu University has rich and diverse lectures, courses, performances and associations. Participating in activities or serving as cadres can obtain general knowledge points. The general knowledge points are not only the graduation threshold, but also Students have a unique learning footprint. However, there is currently no service that can integrate the participation records or the experience of association officials sponsored by different organizations. I-PATH can not only easily bind student identity to mobile phones through blockchain and identity authentication technology, but also eliminate the trouble of classmates running to various departments, and can keep all kinds of records in your hands.

The I-PATH action resume will be tested on the campus of Chengda University. The first wave of users will be issued on December 15th at the successful University People’s Leadership Forum for 1,500 person-times. (Author / Meng Qingci picture / Chengda Future Wisdom Workshop /,c5934.php)

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