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IOTA Ecosystem

IOTA Ecosystem

The IOTA Ecosystem category is here to house community articles and news. Join the Ecosystem building the future of distributed, decentralized, and permissionless technologies, together.

IOTA: Signature And Validation

Address generation First of all, create Private Key from Seed. // length = security (1: light client, 2: wallet default, 3: exchange level) var key = function(seed, index, length) { ... return key; // private key } have your Private…

IOTA: Multisig Explained

Multisig Transferring large amount of money, especially the ones that involve exchange level of security, it is worrisome to have only one seed be solely responsible for the transfers. Multisignature is used to send secure transfers by…

IOTA: supply chain as a use case

IOTA’s advantages over other blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) can be summarized as being fast, free and scalable. Besides autonomous driven (electric) cars supply chains are among the use cases which the Iota Foundation is…

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