Conclusion | Cyber Security Lab: Threat Modelling of IOTA Trinity Wallet


[…] “While we can mitigate the risk of an attack, we can never wholly eliminate risk from any complex application. The truth in the world of security is that we recognize the nearness of threats and we deal with our risks. Threat analysis enables us to examine and impart security throughout our work. In our threat analysis, we have: identified sensitive system assets, identified ways that an attacker could compromise the system and gain access to the sensitive assets, and prioritised these threats by categorizing them as “High”, “Medium”, or “Low” risk.

Our threat analysis has demonstrated that the IOTA Foundation and the Trinity team have taken considerable measures for hardenin the security of the Trinity wallet. Application end users who follow the instructions provided in the setup guide should not encounter any significant risks, provided that they do not download apps from unknown sources. We appreciate the Trinity wallet team for putting great efforts in making Trinity happen and wish them all the best.” […]

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